RBASX — Rebase Redesigned!

As the dark times has passed and the green spilled across the fields,

New projects came up, but by the rugs got quickly killed.

But remember for once, wherever we go, including it here,

You shall ape hard, as the trusted team brings you no fear.

It has been an impressive year already filled with an increasing number of practical and innovative projects and Dapps. One of the most innovative project to this day is Ampleforth who brought rebase mechanism to DeFi.

Rebasing is a mechanism generally used to promote price stability by automatically adjusting supply in response to demand.

However, this mechanism is complicated to say the least, and investors don’t really know what the real effect will be on the token price at the time of rebase, inducing a lot of uncertainty and speculation, in contradiction to the concept of price stability.

We are looking to simplify this concept by bringing a new improved model to uniswap traders. A clear protocol that everyone can understand with key factors bringing the well awaited pumpanomics:

Early rebase — happening while the price action is still high

Double rebase — every day there are two rebases!

Rebase redesigned — Flat pegged rebase price without any unknown variables

+ Passive yield farming redistribution

+ FAIR LAUNCH (Presale = Listing)

Leveraging the power of simple rebasing to the superior yield farming generation created by Reflect protocol, RBASX will redistribute 3% of every buy and sell order back to RBASEX holders without the need to do anything.

Simplified rebase mechanism :

Since we don’t need to be math geniuses to see that numbers quickly go up, here is our revolutionary concept!

Twice a day (at 5 am UTC and 5pm UTC), the price will be brought back to $0.69

What does it mean ?

• If RBASX price is above 0.69$, RBASX supply increases. This is known as a positive rebase.

• If RBASX price is below 0.69$, RBASX supply decreases. This is known as a negative rebase.

• If RBASX price is between 0.6 and 0.7 USDC, RBASX does not rebase.

Example :

At the time of the first rebase, price is 5$.

The supply will increase by 5/0.69 = 7.25x

You hold 100 RBASX at the time of rebase, the number of RBASX you hold in your wallet will automaticly adjust to 725 (not counting the 3% redistribution from tx fee).

It is Sirs!

What you just read is a pure recipe of highest possible probability of PUMPANOMICS.

Presale details :

Hard Cap : 100 Eth

Price : 150 RBASX / 1 ETH

Min purchase: 1 ETH only

Listing price : same as presale price with 12,000 RBASX and 80 ETH

What we believe, adjusting tokenomics in correlation to protocol work is the major factor of success.


Initial supply: 30,000 RBASX

Presale: 15,000 RBASX

Uniswap initial liquidity: 12,000 RBASX

Team: 3,000 RBASX

There is some more…

But maybe well keep it for later.

Launch Date: 14/12

Socials :

TG: https://t.me/RbasX

Twitter : https://twitter.com/rbas_x

Website : coming soon



RBASX – Rebase Redesigned

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